A quote from William Adolphe Bouguoreau (1825-1905) sums up so articulately the value and beauty of the artist’s purpose…  “The artist is born. Technique may be acquired by incessant work, but the instinct for art is a quality of the soul… one must love it with his whole being. When the artist gives all that he is, all that he feels, when he translates with sincerity his deepest emotions, he can, even with an inferior technique, produce something beautiful, for in art there is something more than technique — soul sentiment.”

My “soul sentiment” involves a melding of my heart with the Lord in a (feeble) attempt to see creation through His eyes. There’s a continual striving to pull from the soul a language that cannot be spoken, a color that can only be felt, and a portrait of the One Who designed it all. It’s a challenge and a privilege. I’m in it for the long haul.

I am currently represented by:
Aurora Gallery, Vancouver, WA
Camas Gallery, Camas, WA
White Bird Gallery, Canon Beach, OR

For portrait commissions, contact me directly:


Snowy Road


Golden Slough


Youth Portrait


Child Portrait