THE NORTHWEST OIL PAINTERS GUILD was established in the Summer of 2002. It was formed around the creative common bond we have as oil painters and the shared desire to participate in shows and galleries with other oil painters. Our members hail primarily from Washington and Oregon. We are diverse as individuals and as artists. While we are mostly representational artists, we also have members who are drawn to the contemporary side of art. Any phase or style of oil/acrylic painting is acceptable, except work must be original. Any work deemed inappropriate by the NOPG Executive Board will be rejected from official shows or exhibitions. We have active Plein-Air painters who participate in out door paint-outs as time and weather permit. Our meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at: Clark College, Frost Arts Center building, Room 104 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA Meetings are at 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Campus map Building map

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  — Pablo Picasso

President’s Message

Welcome to the Northwest Oil Painter’s Guild! The primary goal of the Northwest Oil Painters Guild is to promote, support and encourage member artists. Our website is designed to generate a wider local interest in oil painting. It is a vehicle to inform and also to show the work of our members. So whether you are shopping for art, are interested in joining NOPG, or just looking to satisfy your artistic cravings, we hope to inspire you to join us in the local oil painting scene. Our group of artists offers a broad range of styles, techniques and genres; a variety from which we all benefit. We participate in and share information on area painting competitions, show our work in many southwest Washington galleries and shows, and act as a conduit for all local art news. NOPG has an active group of plein air painters, who take advantage of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest whenever possible, and are willing to share their expertise and camaraderie in the field. Whether you are painting in the realist, abstract, modern, or a mix of things, we encourage and welcome your input and participation. Please take a moment to explore our member’s gallery pages. You may contact members directly with inquiries about purchasing or commissioning artwork. Cheryl Mathieson, NOPG President

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. — Marc Chagall

NOPG Member Gallery

Creativity takes courage.  — Henri Matisse

This Month’s Meeting

2019 Meetings

  JANUARY:  Bring your favorite art videos and books to share.

FEBRUARY: Member Beth Norwood will talk about her work and share her solvent-free painting secrets.

MARCH:  Frank Krifka Speaking on Drawing Atelier.

APRIL:  Paint-in at Clark College (live model or still life).


JUNE:  NOPG First Zoom Meeting for members. Invite email to come.

JULY:  Zoom meeting.

AUGUST:  Lucia Falls Plein Air Paint Out

SEPTEMBER:  Jacki Lukowski will share her plein air methods and helpful techniques



DECEMBER:  Christmas Party

Membership Information

  The Northwest Oil Painters Guild (NOPG) was founded in August 2002.  We meet monthly in Vancouver, WA. We are a group of oil painters who share a passion for improving our abilities with this historic medium. One of our primary purposes is to support and encourage our member  artists.

To be an artist is to be on a continuous journey of exploration. Having opportunities to learn more about oil painting methods and techniques is ongoing. Having opportunities to show your work to one’s peers and the public is deemed essential.  NOPG works to accomplish these objectives. NOPG was also formed to bring oil painters to the attention of the general public.  Exposure to the public is vital to the artist. It affords the feedback that many artists seek to gauge the acceptance of their work.

NOPG sponsors annual shows and participates in other regional shows to garner our members the attention they deserve. We are dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of all the arts. We believe the NOPG will have a part in creating an awareness of both established and new artists in our region.

Our group meets on the third Tuesday of every month. Our meetings consist of discussions of what’s going on in the art world in our region, artist of the month presentations, live painting demonstrations, guest speakers, and artist critiques “Show and Tell” segments.

Active Membership in NOPG is open to oil and acrylic painters only. Induction into the NOPG is by  jury process, composed of both a select group of members from the Board and the General Membership.

Our dues are $40.00 per year. Our billing is sent each November.


NOPG Membership Levels

Level One—Patron Member Exercises rights and privileges of other membership levels except they are non-voting and non-exhibiting members. Patron members may or may not be painters, but desire to attend monthly meetings and activities and have a desire to further the goals and reputation of NOPG. They may also desire to increase proficiency and graduate to the next membership level through the internal NOPG Jury process.   Level Two—Exhibitor Member Entitled to all rights and privileges embodied in the NOPG including participation in all NOPG sanctioned shows and exhibits. May use “NOPG” as a sub-signature on all oil paintings produced while an active member in good standing.  

NOPG Membership DUES


The fiscal year for NOPG begins November 1, so annual membership fees are due on that date.

Level One — Patron Member pay $20 annually. Dues for Patron Members are set as follows: Jan. 1 through to June 15: Annual dues of $20 per year. June 15 through Oct. 15: Dues of $10 for remainder of year. Oct. 15th through the upcoming year: Full annual dues of $20   Level Two — Exhibitor Members pay $40 annually. Jan. 1 through to June 15: Annual dues of $40 per year. June15 through Oct.15: Dues of $20 for remainder of year. Oct.15th through the upcoming year: Full annual dues of $40  

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